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"Revolutionizing Fashion with Banana Plant Leather"
“A Sustainable and Stylish Alternative”

Transforming Fashion Through Banana Plant Leather: Embrace Sustainability in Style.

Welcome to Banhide Banana Leather – Ethical, Sustainable, and Stylish

Discover a world of innovative and cruelty-free fashion with our exquisite range of banana leather products.


"Banana Plant Leather”

Discover the magic of Banana Plant Leather, a revolutionary material that blends style and sustainability like never before. Made from durable banana plant fibers, it offers a stunning and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather, sparking positive change in the world. Not only does it protect the environment, but it also empowers farmers and communities with new opportunities for income and growth. Come with us on this fascinating journey as we reveal the amazing impact of Banana Plant Leather, a game-changer for conscious living and fashion.

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“Addressing the Crisis: The Environmental Impact of the Leather Industry.”

Imagine a leather-like material that comes from banana plants instead of animals. This is the vision of banana plant leather, a stunning and eco-friendly solution that challenges the traditional leather industry. Banana plant leather is not only beautiful, but also beneficial for the environment and the people who produce it. It supports farmers and communities with new sources of income and growth. Let us explore how this remarkable material is transforming the story of fashion and sustainability.

* 1 Handbag (Made from Cow Leather) Requires 18,000 litres of water approximately 25 years of drinking water for 1 person.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear, cruelty-free fashion for a sustainable future.

Pioneering Eco-Friendly Solutions

Embarking on a mission to drive positive change, we proudly present Planterra Banana Leather – an innovative plant-based leather meticulously crafted from surplus banana crops.

Guilt-Free Fashion for Every Consumer

Central to our mission is the conviction that fashion should evoke a sense of guilt-free satisfaction, benefiting both the consumer and the planet.

Holistic Impact: Animals, Farmers, and the Planet

Beyond the realms of fashion, our mission encompasses holistic impact—mitigating waste, empowering farmers, upcycling crop remnants, safeguarding animals, and preserving our planet.

Making A Difference Is Our Primary Goal

Choose Banhide Banana Leather and contribute to saving animals from harm in the fashion industry.

Animal Welfare

Combat toxic waste by embracing eco-friendly Banhide Banana Leather, safeguarding our planet.

Environmental Protection

Embrace Banhide Banana Leather for a fashion choice that reduces water consumption.

Reduced Water Usage

Make a positive impact by upcycling banana crop waste, reducing environmental footprint.

Crop Waste Upcycling

Join the Banhide Movement

Choose Banhide for products that are free from animal materials and harmful chemicals – a conscious and compassionate choice for sustainable and quality-driven fashion.

Join the Banhide Movement

Choose Banhide for products that are free from animal materials and harmful chemicals – a conscious and compassionate choice for sustainable and quality-driven fashion.


Upgrade your style with our stunning handbags made from Banhide Banana Leather. They’re fancy, tough, and cruelty-free—fashion that speaks volumes about both style and kindness.

Transform your daily must-haves with our Planterra Banana Leather wallets. Impeccable design blends seamlessly with functionality in these cruelty-free and sustainable accessories.

Explore the epitome of style and ethics in our Planterra Banana Leather accessories, ranging from fashionable belts to trendy keychains. Each piece reflects a ethical craftsmanship.

The Composition Of Our Materials

1 %
Banana Crop Waste
1 %
Natural Additives
1 %
Bio Polyurethane
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